Hi, I’m Lizi!

I live with my husband, Mark, in South West London. I adore cooking, writing, painting, yoga, getting my hands dirty on my allotment, foraging, and pretty much anything that involves food, nature and creativity.

When I was a child, my family used to regularly visit my grandmother in her small cottage in Shropshire, and I was always fascinated by how different life was to what I was used to growing up in a city. Her garden was full of fruit and vegetables, there was space to run around, and the country lanes nearby were full of wild treats in late summer. Picking blackberries and cooking up a crumble has always been a highlight of any autumn and I’ve carried a passion for growing and foraging into my adult life.

Plot & Lane began in 2020 as a place to rediscover the joy of immersing in nature through seasonal, wild and homegrown food. I had been working in a corporate environment for the previous ten years, and it was only when I took a step back and looked at my day to day life that I realised I wasn’t finding space for creativity and the things I loved outside of work. Mark and I had been on the waiting list for an allotment and were finally assigned a plot, and suddenly I was spending time outdoors, designing the layout, and tending to plants. I was finding more time to go for walks and foraging, all the time deepening my knowledge about the myriad edible plants that are out there in our woods and hedgerows. Most importantly, I realised that I was so much happier and more inspired creatively when I was giving myself time to connect with nature.

Through the Plot & Lane blog, supper clubs and other events, I aim to combine a slow living mindset with a love for growing, foraging, and cooking seasonal food as a way to give some distance, however momentary, from the pressures and obligations of everyday life. I want to inspire and encourage people to develop a greater connection to nature as a way to connect to our families, our communities, and to ourselves. The positive impact the natural world has on our mental and physical well-being is no secret, but we struggle to find the opportunities to embrace it. I want to celebrate each of the seasons and the patterns of our natural environment as a way to organically develop a more simple and sustainable life. I hope to do all of this by sharing practical tips for slowing down, getting outdoors, growing your own whatever your space and schedule, getting to know your local area through foraging, and sharing recipes for soulful, seasonal food. If you’re interested in hearing more of my thoughts on seasonal food and connecting to nature, I’ve gathered together various podcast appearances and interviews into my Features & Press page here.

In the future, I hope that Plot & Lane will evolve to be able to bring even more dining events, nature-inspired experiences, workshops and retreats to help us (yes, me as well!) find slow moments, connect back to the natural world, to other people, and to ourselves.

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